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Ron Cardillo, Sr., president of SO.CAP USA Hair Extensions, has been immersed in the professional beauty industry his entire life.  He began his early career as hairstylist, creating fashion forward haircuts, haircolor and texturizing services. He later became a licensed tricologist, where he was able to diagnose and refer patients with hair and scalp problems to the appropriate medical doctors. Additionally, Cardillo worked as a medical professional for 27 years as an EMT with Scarsdale Ambulance Core and also assisted with surgical hair transplants.

Twenty-three years ago, Cardillo saw an early form of hair extensions being applied with a glue gun at an international beauty show in New York City.  He took this concept to Italy, where he began pioneering the art of professional salon hair extensions with SO.CAP, then a leading manufacturer of wigs and toupees.  The innovative idea of bonding real human hair to natural hair in order to add new volume, length and haircolor was revolutionary. Hence, the birth of SO.CAP.USA hair extensions.

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