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COLDHAIR: The Revolution That Changes Everything About Hair Extensions

Coldhair is a revolutionary hair attachment system that is manufactured in Italy. It is 100% Remy human hair laid in between polarized halves, uses no heat, no expensive equipment and has a smart and fast application system. It's a new method that gives volume, color, thickening and length without the hassle.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is Coldhair?

· Coldhair is a unique hair attachment system, where the hair is laid between the polarized halves and when folded together they form a seal. The hair is 100% Remy and is made in Italy.

2. Can Coldhair be colored?

· No, however they can be toned with a semi-permanent color.

3. How long does Coldhair last and can it be reused?

· With proper attachment Coldhair can be worn for a period of 3-4 months and yes, it can be reused using the SOS system. The SOS system is comprised of a raiser tool, remover spray and a book applicator/new fix.

4. Can Coldhair fall out? What would cause them to fall out?

· In a full head service it is possible to lose 3-5 pieces. The loss of these pieces can be due to a buildup of oil around the attachment, brushing the hair aggressively, neglecting pre-treatment steps, and not using Coldhair Bio Shampoo and Bio Conditioner or improper installation.

5. Does the hair need a break in-between Coldhair service?

· No, Coldhair is safe and lightweight and can be worn continuously. The hair doesn't need breaks in-between attachments.

6. Can hot tools be used on Coldhair?

· Yes, all hot tools are permitted; just avoid the attachment area as this could weaken the polarization.

7. What are the sizes and lengths available?

· Coldhair is available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large and in 3 different lengths: 12”, 16” and 20”.

8. How is Coldhair packaged? How many strands are needed for application?

· Coldhair is sold in packages of 10 and 20 (depending on the size and type of the books).

Full head attachments will use 8-10 packages (package of 10) or 4-5 packages (packages of 20).

Side filling and fullness will use 3-5 packages

Installation Steps

1. Shampoo and blow dry hair and use clips to create a clean straight section

2. Be sure to remove the tabs properly and avoid touching the grip.

3. Using the Swan, section a piece of hair 1/8” or 4mm from the root downward.

4. Insert the book into the section of hair an inch away from scalp and slide up to scalp. Lay section of hair on top of the Grip and fold over squeezing the two halves together with your fingers.

5. With the hair in place, activate the polarization by firmly squeezing the Gripper.

6. Separate the Coldhair from the book in an upward direction for the top half and back towards the scalp for the bottom half.

7. Once the book is removed, use the Gripper again to completely secure.

8. Repeat until the desired look is achieved.

9. Once the installation is complete, use a razor or point cutting technique to cut the hair to an appropriate length.

10. Razor cutting is recommended when detailing the cut as it creates a softer more natural look to the hair.

The Removal process

1. Working row by row, place one to two drops of the bio essential oil remover on each attachment. Begin separation by wedging the Swan in between the two halves to weaken the polarization.

2. Reapply one drop of Bio removal oil in the opening and reinsert the Swan to finalize the separation of the Coldhair.

3. Repeat until all extensions are removed.

4. Use a fine-tooth comb to brush through the hair.

5. Finish the service with a wash and blow dry.

Coldhair Tools and Accessories

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